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Marc-Aurèle Vecchione
Marc-Aurèle Vecchione
Bikers Hors La Loi by danny lyon
Marc-Aurèle Vecchione


Bikers Hors La Loi by danny lyon
Charlie Le Mindu charlie décoiffe jeanne
Graffiti Art by henry chalfant
Skateboard Radical by glen e friedman
Star - teaser
Tous tatoués - extrait
Marc-Aurèle Vecchione

Marc-Aurèle Vecchione started his writing career in the late 1980s under the name “Orel”. He is now part of the graffiti collective GT (GRIM TEAM), which regroups the most sought of graffiti artists of the Parisian scene with connections to New York and the rest of Europe.

After spending his teenage years roughing up the walls of his city, Marc-Aurèle attended the National School of Architecture where he focused on the art of building and construction. During his studies he took interest in urban themes such as the future of cities and Paris in particular and the place of individuals within urban networks.

In the early oughts he brought his creative expression to image-making as a complement to his university research, where he found a new form of expression and freedom, close to the process of graffiti. 

Marc-Aurèle then launched Resistance Films, a production structure focusing on underground and engaged documentary filmmaking.
Through Resistance Films he wrote and directed WRITERS ”20 years of Graffiti in Paris”, ANTIFA “Skins Hunters”, BLACK MUSIC “From the Iron Chains to the Golden Chains”, UNDERGROUND KONTROL “The Paris Catacombs and the Fathers of Urban Exploration”, TATTOOS on the popularisation of tattooing in the Western world, BBOY on the history of breakdancing, CHEVEUX EN BATAILLE “Rebellion trough Haircuts” and CAPTURING A CULTURE on the photos that captured urban tribes from the 50s onwards.

He most recently moved to fiction with his first feature film entitled “STAR”.